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Author Ivelyn Harris, Jamaica’s last-remaining Maroon herbal healer, shares the lost secrets of her island culture.

ROYAL PALM BEACH, Fla., Feb. 4, 2011 - Ah Ha Press Inc. announces the printing and release of Ivelyn Harris’s first book, Healing Herbs of Jamaica., now available in paperback on Amazon.com.

Inside Healing Herbs of Jamaica, Ms. Harris, a seventh-generation herbal healer, dispenses the wisdom of her ancestors, the Kormanteen people of Western Africa, noted for their herbal knowledge. The Kormanteens came to Jamaica as slaves hundreds of years ago. They rose up against their Spanish captors and fled to the mountain stronghold where they still live. The Spanish called them "Maroons" - a name they gave to all runaway slaves.

In the book, Ms. Harris describes how a wide variety of native Jamaican herbal medicinal tonics and 42 different herbs from Cow Foot Leaf and Jamaican Peppermint to Pennyroyal, Soursop and Ylang Ylang are used in her herbal healing, including this passage about African minty:

"Everyone in my village worked hard. Most families grew vegetables on the mountainsides. We kept goats and gathered fruits and edible plants from the forest. The men hunted wild boar and other game. Like our Maroon ancestors, we lived off the land. Village life may not have been easy, but it was always good. Hunting and gathering in mountain forests is demanding work. You're always climbing - either up or down. For much of the year it's hot and humid. Biting insects descend in hordes. And the rainy season brings sudden downpours almost daily. When anyone came back from the bush sore and fatigued, there was no doctor or drug store to give them a pill. Instead, they took a cup of African minty tea to relax. A poultice of African minty also brings quick relief to aching muscles and joints. To make a poultice for pain, take 5 fresh African minty leaves and crush them with a mortar and pestle. If you don't have a mortar and pestle, that's okay. Just put the leaves in a clean cloth and pound them slowly with a hammer. The plant has a lot of juice, so you won’t need to wet the resulting mash."

According to the publisher at Ah Ha Press, Al Sears, M.D., "As an important part of my medical practice in South Florida, I travel the world looking for native herbs that are used successfully by indigenous people. The possibility of being introduced to herbs that are unknown to Western medicine grabbed my interest. So did Ivey's reputation throughout Jamaica as a great natural healer," Dr. Sears said.

"Ivey is the last of the Windward Maroon women in her community practicing herbal medicine. That's why it's so important that her vast wealth of knowledge is preserved in this and future books."

This was Ms. Harris' goal for writing Healing Herbs of Jamaica. "I'm writing this book to preserve some of the herbal secrets I learned from my elders," said Ms. Harris. "Otherwise, I fear it will be lost when I am gone. For hundreds of years, this knowledge was passed down from generation to generation. But not any more.

"With this book, I hope to pass on that healing knowledge to future generations of the Maroon people. And to people all over the world."

For more information about Ivey Harris or Healing Herbs of Jamaica, contact Julie Stanford at Ah Ha Press at 561.784.7852 or visit http://www.ahhapress.com/authors/.

About the Author: Ivelyn Harris

A descendant of the Maroon Healers of Jamaica, Ivelyn (Ivey) Harris was born in Cornwall Barracks in the lush green mountains of Portland in the Rio Grande Valley. As a young girl growing up in the Maroon community, she was very impressed with her family's rich tradition of herbal healing.

As a teen she moved to the urban setting of Kingston. Searching for her roots and peace of mind, she moved back to the spectacular, unspoiled beauty of the mountains of her youth in her 20s. When she arrived, she was inspired by the power of plants and by her ancestors. She lived off the land for a few years before settling back in her childhood home of Cornwall Barracks in the parish of Portland. Now and for the past 20 years, Ivey has been healing people far and near with her herbal remedies.

Her aim is to keep Maroon tradition and culture alive by handing down her knowledge of her herbal culture to future generations. She wrote her first book, Healing Herbs of Jamaica, to record and pass on some of the knowledge of herbs that is being lost. This book is especially for people who choose to keep in touch with the healing power of herbs.

About the Publisher: Ah Ha Press Inc.

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