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"The Healing Herbs of Jamaica provides a true application of traditional Herbalism. How refreshing to experience Ivelyn’s heartfelt encounters of herbal healing with the people. She has created a book filled with her passion, knowledge, and wisdom. The essence of her Maroon heritage has been successfully preserved for the world to appreciate.

I enjoyed every page of the material medica; the plants came alive, as she discussed the authentic healing testimonies of each person’s condition. Knowledge should be passed on to future generations. Thank you, Ivelyn for carrying on your ancestral herbal tradition. The world and its inhabitants will appreciate your contribution to world herbalism. I think anyone interested in herbal medicines will benefit from the timeless information shared. Highly recommended!

- Joanna T. Helms BA, AHG-RH

"Healing Herbs of Jamaica is a revolutionary book for at least 2 reasons.

First it is a compendium of what and how to use herbs in healing for numerous common conditions. That alone makes it invaluable to anyone interested in herbal healing natural medicine or simply alternative medicine.

The second reason is this is the only book to take a piece of human history that was about to be lost forever and translate it into easy to use modern standard. Kudos to Dr Sears and Ivy Harris for their foresight and contribution to human kind. This little work is a must have if you want to use Mother Nature to stay healthy! It has information you simply can’t find anywhere else.

- Dr Dave Woynarowski MD author “The Immortality Edge”

"Healing Herbs of Jamaica is an important contribution to our understanding of regional and traditional herbalism. Ivelyn Harris draws on a lifetime of knowledge in her descriptions of the plants in her apothecary.

It is fascinating to see the different ways she uses plants I thought I knew: young chocolate pod poultice for wounds; Lantana flower tea for people who sleep too much; and lemon grass tea for fever and parasites. Ivelyn’s stories about her experience treating herself and others is interwoven with detailed, practical recommendations that make this book both delightful to read and an essential reference. I felt as though I had just spent a day talking herbs with a wise friend!

- Patricia Kyritsi Howell, RH (AHG), author of Medicinal Plants of the Southern Appalachian Mountains

"A wise mentor of mine once said, “Look over your shoulder to find the remedy you need.” That means that Nature provided the right remedies for us for the problems that arise in that location. We see truth to that every day in the discoveries of medicinal powers of phytonutrients.

Few dispute that humans arose in the tropics and fanned out. It makes sense that tropical plants would have incredible healing powers. Animals gravitate to certain plants when ill. Books like this can help us recover much of the plant wisdom we’ve lost due to the influence of Pharma symptom suppressing petrochemical drugs, and once again rely on what God provided for real healing. This book is a rare treasure with practical information from which you can immediately benefit.

- Robert Jay Rowen, MD www.secondopinionnewsletter.com

"Healing Herbs of Jamaica by Ivelyn Harris is an important book in that it is a primary literature source for the traditional use of Jamaican herbal medicine, as practiced by the Maroon people of Jamaica. The information that Ivelyn provides is made even more potent by the fact that she is practicing her traditional medicine now, in modern times, and is showing her remedies to be effective against imbalances that are modern in nature.

Ivelyn provides entertaining stories to illustrate the power of the medicinal plants she uses, accompanied by fairly detailed instructions for how to make and use the medicines that she writes about. While many of the plants Ivelyn writes about are local to Jamaica, or have become naturalized from other tropical areas, there are enough plants covered that are familiar to the Western herbalist to make this book of interest and use to the practicing Western herbalist.

I thank Ivelyn for her contribution to the world of herbal medicine and hope that her book serves to keep her knowledge of herbal medicine alive as a living art, rather than as a documentation of history.

- Jillian Borchard, MS, RH(AHG), Clinical Herbalist

"Ivelyn Harris is a beautiful storyteller who weaves together her own story with that of her relationship with the individual plants described in this book. Her deep connection to and respect for these plants that is very apparent and very inspiring. She offers her own experience with the healing power of these herbs, both personally and through the people with whom she has helped. Her perspective as that of a seventh generation Maroon herbalist is a very valuable contribution to the field of herbal medicine.

By documenting the traditional uses of these commonly found plants from Jamaica, she is not only preserving crucial wisdom, she is making it available in a format that is accessible to both lay and professional herbalists. Ivelyn Harris offers very specific instructions for preparing and using these plants, pointing out scientific research as well as important distinctions with similar plants found in the United States. This is a very useful material medica for anyone who genuinely loves herbs and wants to deepen their understanding of and appreciation of the abundance nature provides in the guise of very commonly found plants.

- Michele Collins, RH (AHG), MPH, Naturopathic Health Clinic

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